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Got a question? Here are some answers.

We offer a variety of standard pricing categories to cater every type of travel need including half-days, airport transfers, multi-point drop offs and pick-ups, and more. Just fill out a booking form with your needs and we'll work on a reservation to match your schedule.


We're a premiere charter bus company first and foremost, with an established background in tourism and group travel. But that's not all! We have a beautiful fleet that can be booked for diverse functions including company parties, weddings and bachelor/bachelorettes, school and military transportation, film/tv/music production, and yes, even your Tik Tok shoot. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.


Hey, we get it, we all lose our sh* sometimes. Don't panic. We will do our best to help you. If you left something behind, please fill out this lost item form with the details of your trip, including group name, date of ride, contact information, and description of item. You may also contact your group leader as we will also notify group leaders to return lost items after reservation is complete. Due to limited space and staff, we cannot guarantee to hold onto personal belongings left behind by passengers, but we will do our best to recover lost items. For security reasons, it is best to have your group leader reach out to the company directly on your behalf (that would be the agency, the bride &groom/bride& bride/groom &groom, activities coordinator, etc.)


(Flixbus only): If you left an item on a Flixbus booking, please contact their customer service and fill out the lost & found form here.


Can your buses travel out of state or country?

Yes, and they often do. Our fleet has experience with tour groups from all over the world and often work with international groups on multi-city and multi-state tours. We have routine bookings all over California (North, South, AND Central), Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Texas, Utah, and even East Coast and Florida. At the moment, our buses only go to Canada outside of the USA.


Are you related to that hotel chain? You know the one.

No, we are not. No further questions. (please contact us for further questions)

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